Friday, December 9, 2011

(1) AutoTweeting (user votes 53k)

(1) AutoTweeting (user votes 53k)

AutoTweeting has been voted the #1 Twitter tool on the Web.  Not only has the web community chosen AutoTweeting to be the #1 converting tool used on Twitter, But I myself agree 100%.  I have been using AutoTweeting for over 4 months now and I am totally blown away by what it has done for my affiliate conversions.  I have used all the other Twitter Applications on this list and
AutoTweeting has the most ingenious functions that help you convert people in your marketing campaigns and add tons of targeted followers every single day.  Unlike some of the others on this list Autotweeting is strictly a web application so you can manage your account from anywhere. Nothing to download, Nothing eating up your cpu's memory. Beware of any of these software packages that offer a one-time fee.  They want to get your money and run, before you all your twitter campaigns get suspended. AutoTweeting has a low monthly fee so you know month after month they will stick around and make sure your campaigns are running.

When doing any kind of internet marketing it is important to grasp 3 basic concepts:
ü  Quality Traffic
ü  Converting Traffic
ü  Products & Services
Each one of these concepts is extremely important to making real money through internet marketing. It all starts with traffic!
 You MUST have a reliable source of traffic to feed your pages. The numbers do matter, The more quality traffic you have the more money you make, It is just that simple!  It won't matter how great your squeeze pages are, or what a great products & services you're selling, Without a substantial amount of traffic you will be dead in the water.
3 popular ways to get traffic are:
  • ·         purchasing traffic from search engines
  • ·         spend years building large amounts of friends and followers
  • ·         spend many hours daily writing blogs, articles and comments

These things absolutely will work to build traffic... but they require much of your time and money to do so.  This is where a tool like AutoTweeting can help you.  AutoTweeting takes the work out of getting highly targeted traffic to your site.  You will be able to add highly targeted followers every single day, once following they are ready for you to market your products to. 

Twitter Policy Terms and Account Suspension - IMPORTANT

Autotweeting has been specifically designed to work within Twitters Policy Terms, You will never get banned or suspended. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but if you have used some of the other Twitter Tools out there you will notice that they have a "BlackHat" way of getting you followers.  Twitter will occasionally review accounts and find out the goings on, 
I have literally lost thousands of followers and months of work because my account was permanently suspended.  Be careful with signing up for BlackHat Twitter tools! I have been burned more times than I care to admit.

List some of the great features I use in AutoTweeting

                                                                                                         Target Specific Followers
AutoTweeting lets you target Twitter users based on keywords they are tweeting about. So for instance 1 of my AutoTweeting accounts has 10 different Twitter Accounts associated with it, each targeting a unique niche.   example... Facebook, Shopping, Retirement, Investment, Christmas, Pets, Graduation, Obama, Guns, and Girls.  You can use multiple keywords if you want, But I have found to have plenty enough suggestions just from one keyword on each Twitter Account.   Each of these 10 Twitter accounts is gaining many followers every single day.  Since joining AutoTweeting I have 5 master accounts with 10 Twitter Accounts in each, each with thousands of TARGETED followers in different niches of what I am selling.  When I want to tweet about a cool product or service I can just choose the account with the followers that are closely related what I am advertising.  Tweeting to Targeted followers gives your conversion rate a Super Boost!  I have received real results, You can clearly see when I switched to Autotweeting on my tracking spreadsheets. One of my products had a 60% increase in conversions. 

I can also filter the AutoTweeting suggestions based on great filters categories that the developers have thought of.  I can add suggestions based on a location, I use this feature for some of my local ads around Denver.  Another great filter category is the ratio (followers/following) I ONLY add followers that have a ratio lower than 2.  This means that I am targeting only users that follow more people then follow them.   It is a great feature that helps you add Twitter followers quickly.  I won't bore you with explanations of each filter category but here are some other great ones:
  • ·        Avoid Suggestions with certain keywords
  • ·         Suggest only tweets which exact match keyword
  • ·         Based on popular tweets
  • ·         Based on recent tweets
  • ·         Based on tweets since a date
  • ·         Based on tweets before a date
  • ·         Based on tweets with a negative attitude
  • ·         Based on tweets with a positive attitude
  • ·         Based on tweets with questions
  • ·         Based on tweets with links

When I have new followers I can set a direct greeting that will automatically send to anyone that follows me, This is a great place for a link.  Here is an example of one of mine

Thanks for Following! I have so much to Tweet about!

AutoTweeting also has an Unfollowing Tool, which I currently have set to 2 days.  Any of the users I follow have 2 days to follow me, If they don't..... BOOTED!!   I don't have time to try and convince people to follow me.  AutoTweeting will calculate all the users who haven't followed me back and unfollow them to make room for new people who WILL follow me.

Schedule Tweets
This is the meat of the application, This is where the magic happens. AutoTweeting will allow you to schedule tweets as close as 5 minutes apart on each account.  288 Tweets per day, per account.  Quite often I will spend a few hours writing tweets/ads for each of my twitter accounts.  I can schedule them at anytime in the future and can have my ads running on autopilot.  When I need to get away and take a vacation from the web I will schedule all my tweets for the upcoming week and leave and forget about it.  These Tweets will post on the scheduled time and be making me money without me even trying.  Another Great feature in AutoTweeting.

RSS Feeds
AutoTweeting has an amazing function that will tweet from an RSS feed.  I have all my twitter accounts tweeting RSS feeds randomly throughout the day, It keeps my Twitter accounts looking fresh and current.  All my accounts look real and alive since I am tweeting about the Breaking News in that Niche. 

Stat Tracker
There is a simple stat tracker that tracks your Followers, Following, and Tweets on each account.  I usually track my stats through my affiliate sales pages, But the stat tracker is available for those who would use it.

Each AutoTweeting account can connect with up to 10 Twitter Accounts, And I suggest you Max it out.. All about Quality VOLUME for me.  Since I have switched to AutoTweeting I have bumped my affiliate income up dramatically..
You can sign up for a free trial and check it out for yourself, But after your trial the prices are as follows:

  Level 1 - 1 Twitter Account - $7/mo
  Level 2 - 3 Twitter Accounts - $10/mo
  Level 3 - 5 Twitter Accounts - $15/mo
  Level 4 - 10 Twitter Accounts - $25/mo

Even though I have multiple Level 4 AutoTweeting Accounts, this service doesn't cost me a thing.  Each AutoTweeting account I pay for monthly makes me much $$$$...  I agree with the community AutoTweeting is the BEST Twitter Tool on the Web Today!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(2) TweetAdder (user votes 38k)

(2) TweetAdder (user votes 38k)


Tweet Adder has been voted the #2 Twitter tool on the Web.  I have used Tweet Adder myself for about 6 months. And I must admit it is a pretty slick program.  It will add followers faster than any of the Twitter tools on the top 5.  Tweet Adder is a sweet desktop application that will get you targeted followers quickly.  Tweet Adder is compatible with PC, Mac Os X & Lunux.  One of the most detailed and complete options in a Twitter Tool.

Tweet Adder has the most setting features of all the Twitter Tools, it will certainly help you convert people in your marketing campaigns and add tons of targeted followers every single day.

 I see 2 major flaws in Tweet Adder, that is

  • ·         It is illegal with Twitter Policy
  • ·         It runs on your computer which has to be connected to the internet at ALL times

Thats right, I was using Tweet Adder gaining followers like mad.  Then just as quickly as I built an empire it had toppled, All my Twitter Accounts were forever suspended. I had lost all my followers and all of my income because of this BlackHat Tool. 

I will tell you honestly I made a great amount of affiliate income from Tweet Adder and you should purchase this software only if you realize it is a short term product. You can continue to build and lose empires  every few months.
However, as I said before This Twitter tool takes a back seat to nobody.  If you want to get a colossal amount of features and settings.


Here are some of the great features inside Tweet Adder

TweetAdder Search Functions
The TweetAdder desktop application offers search capabilities by
o    Keyword
o    Location
o    Regency
o    Language Spoken
o    Ability to remove profiles with default picture
o    Ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography
o    Import your own search list

Multiple Twitter Account Management
It just wouldn't be a good Twitter tool without a Multiple Twitter Account Management system.  TweetAdder manages your twitter profiles properly.  Tweet Adder even offers an unlimited Twitter Account Package

Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow Users with ease, the system will never allow you to follow the same person twice.  Another nice feature is that you can randomize your time delay which helps limit account suspension occurrences.  TweetAdder allows you to see exactly who you follow, who followed you and exactly what time.  You can also easily tell whether you followed a user first, or if they followed you first. If you followed them first you can also see exactly what keyword search terms were used to find this user.  This helps you to see what targeted keywords convert into followers best, and helps you to use Tweet Adder much more efficiently.

Automated Tweeting Features
Like all the tools in the top 5, you will be able to schedule automated tweets throughout the day randomly.  The Tweet Generator is really cool it will spin your content into multiple tweets, brilliant App but limited results.  RSS Feeds are a requirement for a Twitter AutoTweeting Application, and this app is no exception, It has a fantastic RSS Feed Tweeter.  TweetAdder will also store a link history so you can create new tweets from a past ad campaigns.

Direct Messages, Good for informing your followers of upcoming events, conferences or anything else.  Just be careful with this feature people seem very intolerant of spam from direct messaging, doing this will get your Twitter Account Suspended.  But this is a nice feature and gives you the ability to communicate directly with all your followers at once.

Free Software Update
Lifetime Licence
You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time
Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed
Registration Key Immediately Emailed on Purchase (24/7)
License is good for up to 3 computer installations
No Monthly or Recurring Fees

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(3) TweetAttacks (user votes 14k)

(3) TweetAttacks (user votes 14k)
Twitter Marketing Software


TweetAttacks was voted the #3 Twitter Tool on the web today.  TweetAttacks has a unique system to attack people tweeting about something with reply posts.  TweetAttack will search out people tweeting about particular topics and post a reply offers to them of product or service.  TweetAttack is All about the clicks, this tool is designed to help you promote your products, services, affiliate offers or CPA offers.  Another A+ Feature of TweetAttacks is that it has a anti spamming filter which ensures you only add human followers.

This Twitter Marketing Software has been developed with internet marketers in mind. Marketing in Twitter is very effective with this application and with the pro version you can add many different Twitter accounts to manage.

 I see the same 2 major flaws in TweetAttack

  •          It is illegal with Twitter Policy
  •          It runs on your computer which has to be connected to the internet at ALL times

My Twitter accounts have never been suspended from using TweetAttack but the option is always out there.  TweetAttack is against Twitter Policy Terms, And when you use this great marketing application you are gambling with your portfolio of followers.  This BlackHat tool could defeat your profitable ad campaigns.

I recommend TweetAttack Pro to get things done fast.  TweetAttacks is still evolving and being improved, when you purchase TweetAttacks Pro you get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. They are incredibly confident about the software and you have a 7day no questions asked money back guarantee.  As a bonus for buying the Pro Version they give you a comprehensive TweetAttack manual and Video Tips.

Pricing List for TweetAttack
TweetAttacks Pro Version - $197.00
TweetAttacks Lite Version - $57.00

Rundown of TweetAttacks Features

Drive thousands of real human traffic a day even without followers
Build thousands of followers without worrying about API limits (BlackHat)
Send direct messages to your followers in a push of a button (SPAM)
Post and schedule thousands of tweets without worrying about API limits (BlackHat)
Reply on thousands of users looking for your offers on autopilot
With advanced intelligence to determine real people from bots
No Monthly Fees
FREE updates for life in the PRO version

Twitter Users in TweetAttacks
  • TweetAttack allocates your computers resources to automatically Follow users with:
  • The Same Interests
  • In Need of YOUR products and services
  • Popularity in a Niche
  • Additionally you have unfollow features such as:
  •  Unfollow users using the web browser to look more natural
  • Unfollow users that don't follow you back in a specified number of days
  •  Protect VIP and special users from unfollowing even if they don't follow you back

Reach Thousands of Twitter users with a Click of a button!
The Tweeting function in this software is really cool! Even with thousands of follower, you need to get noticed and communicate with them.  You are battling other Twitter marketers for the Twitter users clicks.  Copy and pasting from breaking news sites are a good way to keep your tweets current and hip.  However TweetAttacks has a sick tweet generator that scrapes tweets from blogs, quotes, joke, or any other website of your choice.  It allows you to copy tweets from selected users and retweet them with your own links attached. 

Attack Followers with Ads linking the subject matter they are talking about
The greatest feature of TweetAttacks is the ability to send out targeted tweets to users that are already talking about your product or service.  Conversion rates are huge! It will automatically generate replies for twitter users talking about your targeted keywords. Automatically retweet links talking about your keyword to build relationships with other users writing about your niche.  You also have the option to ignore tweets from users with no pictures and target serious tweeters only. 

Tweet Scheduler & Autoposter inside TweetAttacks
Let this tool do all your tweet posting for you.  It will automate the process of tweeting ads to a large amount of twitter accounts. Posts through the web browser.  Unlimited Package $197  ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $147

Nice Retweet feature, Reweets have higher click rate than normal tweets. If you have 20 accounts and each have 5,000 followers, your offer will be in front of 20x5,000 = 100,000 users instantly - with a single click of the button. Again it will post through a web browser.

Decrease the Likelihood of Getting Your Twitter Accounts Suspended

  • ·         Assign different proxies for each account
  • ·         Put a delay on every follow & unfollow request
  • ·         Put a limit to the number of users to follow
  • ·         Never Follow the same user twice

Monday, December 5, 2011

#4 Twittenator (user votes 8k)

(4) Twittenator (user votes 8k)


Twittenator with a little over 8k votes.  I love this program!! I would of voted it #2.  It's a little bit gimmicky but the basics of the software work like a dream.  It is only $5 dollars for the 14 day trial, No hidden fees, no monthly charges.  What you get when you purchase the full software for $97 is quite remarkable.  You not only get the innovative Twittenator software but you also receive a bunch of goodies for no cost such as

  • Free membership to the social marketing website
  •  The Twitter Affiliate Elite 2.0 Ebook
  • Video Presentation "University of Internet Marketing Success"

Twittenator is more like a making money Twitter system more than just the tool.  This system is Newbie Friendly and takes no more than a few min a day.  You will grow unlimited Twitter Accounts  and use Pre-Written CPA Tweets.  It even has custom quotes you can use to enter in to Social Marketing Messages.

However this is still a desktop app and uses your computers resources.  It seems BlackHat but yet I have never had my accounts suspended using this software. 

Grow Unlimited Twitter Accounts
Using Twittenator gives everyone the ability to make money using twitter completely on Autopilot.  You can manage unlimited accounts for one price.  Twittenator is in a league of its own.

Twitter Tools inside the Twittentor Program

  • ·         Follower Time Bomb - unfollow if they don't follow you back
  • ·         Schedule Tweets
  • ·         AutoFollow
  • ·         Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • ·         Grow Followers Fast

Sunday, December 4, 2011

#5 BirdyAdder (user votes 2k)

(5) BirdyAdder (user votes 2k)


The Big Loser!!

BirdyAdder is the BIG loser of the top 5, it is poorly designed and will most DEFINATLY get you banned on Twitter! BirdyAdder is an application which automates the functions of Twitter.  BirdyAdder has a built-in browser, which is exactly why you will get flagged on Twitter, This happened to me twice in the first week I tried this app out.  This DESKTOP application is a huge drain on your computers resources, especially if you have a laptop. 

BirdyAdder is the all around worst purchase you can buy, it boggs down your computer and doesn't work correctly.  Save your money people!

BirdyAdder has common features of all the others on this list.  I will do a quick overview of the features that are supposed to work flawlessly inside this application.  BirdyAdder aims to automate all the standard Twitter functions so you can add and communicate to massive amounts of people at once.

I don't recommend this software at all, but if you want to try it for yourself
The full version costs $59.95 while you should be able to see this disaster just by downloading the
free demo version

BirdyAdder Twitter Automation
The standard feature of the full version of this software are simple and archaic.  Not only do the features not function as promised using this software will get your Twitter Accounts permanently suspended within a week.  Be sure to watch out for any of these software packages that has a one-time fee.  They want to get your money and run, before you all your twitter campaigns get suspended.  Check out AutoTweeting as they have a low monthly fee so you know month after month they will stick around and make sure your campaigns are running.

Common Features of the BirdyAdder System
  • ·         AutoFollow feature allows you to follow people and get your twitter accounts suspended quickly and easily
  • ·         Unfollow anyone that doesn't follow you back
  • ·         Send direct messages to all your followers
  • ·         Schedule Tweets at specified intervals
  • ·         Add ID's to a Blacklist or Whitelist
  • ·         Stats for followers/followed and tweets
  • ·         Monitor RSS feeds and post Tweets from them
  • ·         Filter target users by location
  • ·         Anti-Flood feature which deletes your previous tweets before posting new ones
  • ·         You can set BirdyAdder to auto start/crash your computer each day
  • ·         Automatically monitor search results and send replies
  • ·         Time delay feature