Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(3) TweetAttacks (user votes 14k)

(3) TweetAttacks (user votes 14k)
Twitter Marketing Software


TweetAttacks was voted the #3 Twitter Tool on the web today.  TweetAttacks has a unique system to attack people tweeting about something with reply posts.  TweetAttack will search out people tweeting about particular topics and post a reply offers to them of product or service.  TweetAttack is All about the clicks, this tool is designed to help you promote your products, services, affiliate offers or CPA offers.  Another A+ Feature of TweetAttacks is that it has a anti spamming filter which ensures you only add human followers.

This Twitter Marketing Software has been developed with internet marketers in mind. Marketing in Twitter is very effective with this application and with the pro version you can add many different Twitter accounts to manage.

 I see the same 2 major flaws in TweetAttack

  •          It is illegal with Twitter Policy
  •          It runs on your computer which has to be connected to the internet at ALL times

My Twitter accounts have never been suspended from using TweetAttack but the option is always out there.  TweetAttack is against Twitter Policy Terms, And when you use this great marketing application you are gambling with your portfolio of followers.  This BlackHat tool could defeat your profitable ad campaigns.

I recommend TweetAttack Pro to get things done fast.  TweetAttacks is still evolving and being improved, when you purchase TweetAttacks Pro you get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. They are incredibly confident about the software and you have a 7day no questions asked money back guarantee.  As a bonus for buying the Pro Version they give you a comprehensive TweetAttack manual and Video Tips.

Pricing List for TweetAttack
TweetAttacks Pro Version - $197.00
TweetAttacks Lite Version - $57.00

Rundown of TweetAttacks Features

Drive thousands of real human traffic a day even without followers
Build thousands of followers without worrying about API limits (BlackHat)
Send direct messages to your followers in a push of a button (SPAM)
Post and schedule thousands of tweets without worrying about API limits (BlackHat)
Reply on thousands of users looking for your offers on autopilot
With advanced intelligence to determine real people from bots
No Monthly Fees
FREE updates for life in the PRO version

Twitter Users in TweetAttacks
  • TweetAttack allocates your computers resources to automatically Follow users with:
  • The Same Interests
  • In Need of YOUR products and services
  • Popularity in a Niche
  • Additionally you have unfollow features such as:
  •  Unfollow users using the web browser to look more natural
  • Unfollow users that don't follow you back in a specified number of days
  •  Protect VIP and special users from unfollowing even if they don't follow you back

Reach Thousands of Twitter users with a Click of a button!
The Tweeting function in this software is really cool! Even with thousands of follower, you need to get noticed and communicate with them.  You are battling other Twitter marketers for the Twitter users clicks.  Copy and pasting from breaking news sites are a good way to keep your tweets current and hip.  However TweetAttacks has a sick tweet generator that scrapes tweets from blogs, quotes, joke, or any other website of your choice.  It allows you to copy tweets from selected users and retweet them with your own links attached. 

Attack Followers with Ads linking the subject matter they are talking about
The greatest feature of TweetAttacks is the ability to send out targeted tweets to users that are already talking about your product or service.  Conversion rates are huge! It will automatically generate replies for twitter users talking about your targeted keywords. Automatically retweet links talking about your keyword to build relationships with other users writing about your niche.  You also have the option to ignore tweets from users with no pictures and target serious tweeters only. 

Tweet Scheduler & Autoposter inside TweetAttacks
Let this tool do all your tweet posting for you.  It will automate the process of tweeting ads to a large amount of twitter accounts. Posts through the web browser.  Unlimited Package $197  ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $147

Nice Retweet feature, Reweets have higher click rate than normal tweets. If you have 20 accounts and each have 5,000 followers, your offer will be in front of 20x5,000 = 100,000 users instantly - with a single click of the button. Again it will post through a web browser.

Decrease the Likelihood of Getting Your Twitter Accounts Suspended

  • ·         Assign different proxies for each account
  • ·         Put a delay on every follow & unfollow request
  • ·         Put a limit to the number of users to follow
  • ·         Never Follow the same user twice


  1. I use TweetAttacks and it works great for me! i have never had a problem getting my accounts suspended on twitter

    Highly Recommend!

  2. I might try TweetAttacks but use accounts which i don't mind getting closed down. Does Twitter ever ban your IP from creating accounts?