Sunday, December 4, 2011

#5 BirdyAdder (user votes 2k)

(5) BirdyAdder (user votes 2k)


The Big Loser!!

BirdyAdder is the BIG loser of the top 5, it is poorly designed and will most DEFINATLY get you banned on Twitter! BirdyAdder is an application which automates the functions of Twitter.  BirdyAdder has a built-in browser, which is exactly why you will get flagged on Twitter, This happened to me twice in the first week I tried this app out.  This DESKTOP application is a huge drain on your computers resources, especially if you have a laptop. 

BirdyAdder is the all around worst purchase you can buy, it boggs down your computer and doesn't work correctly.  Save your money people!

BirdyAdder has common features of all the others on this list.  I will do a quick overview of the features that are supposed to work flawlessly inside this application.  BirdyAdder aims to automate all the standard Twitter functions so you can add and communicate to massive amounts of people at once.

I don't recommend this software at all, but if you want to try it for yourself
The full version costs $59.95 while you should be able to see this disaster just by downloading the
free demo version

BirdyAdder Twitter Automation
The standard feature of the full version of this software are simple and archaic.  Not only do the features not function as promised using this software will get your Twitter Accounts permanently suspended within a week.  Be sure to watch out for any of these software packages that has a one-time fee.  They want to get your money and run, before you all your twitter campaigns get suspended.  Check out AutoTweeting as they have a low monthly fee so you know month after month they will stick around and make sure your campaigns are running.

Common Features of the BirdyAdder System
  • ·         AutoFollow feature allows you to follow people and get your twitter accounts suspended quickly and easily
  • ·         Unfollow anyone that doesn't follow you back
  • ·         Send direct messages to all your followers
  • ·         Schedule Tweets at specified intervals
  • ·         Add ID's to a Blacklist or Whitelist
  • ·         Stats for followers/followed and tweets
  • ·         Monitor RSS feeds and post Tweets from them
  • ·         Filter target users by location
  • ·         Anti-Flood feature which deletes your previous tweets before posting new ones
  • ·         You can set BirdyAdder to auto start/crash your computer each day
  • ·         Automatically monitor search results and send replies
  • ·         Time delay feature

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  1. I might just try the free demo out first. Better safe than sorry! No point spending $60 and finding it's not right for my needs.