Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(2) TweetAdder (user votes 38k)

(2) TweetAdder (user votes 38k)


Tweet Adder has been voted the #2 Twitter tool on the Web.  I have used Tweet Adder myself for about 6 months. And I must admit it is a pretty slick program.  It will add followers faster than any of the Twitter tools on the top 5.  Tweet Adder is a sweet desktop application that will get you targeted followers quickly.  Tweet Adder is compatible with PC, Mac Os X & Lunux.  One of the most detailed and complete options in a Twitter Tool.

Tweet Adder has the most setting features of all the Twitter Tools, it will certainly help you convert people in your marketing campaigns and add tons of targeted followers every single day.

 I see 2 major flaws in Tweet Adder, that is

  • ·         It is illegal with Twitter Policy
  • ·         It runs on your computer which has to be connected to the internet at ALL times

Thats right, I was using Tweet Adder gaining followers like mad.  Then just as quickly as I built an empire it had toppled, All my Twitter Accounts were forever suspended. I had lost all my followers and all of my income because of this BlackHat Tool. 

I will tell you honestly I made a great amount of affiliate income from Tweet Adder and you should purchase this software only if you realize it is a short term product. You can continue to build and lose empires  every few months.
However, as I said before This Twitter tool takes a back seat to nobody.  If you want to get a colossal amount of features and settings.


Here are some of the great features inside Tweet Adder

TweetAdder Search Functions
The TweetAdder desktop application offers search capabilities by
o    Keyword
o    Location
o    Regency
o    Language Spoken
o    Ability to remove profiles with default picture
o    Ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography
o    Import your own search list

Multiple Twitter Account Management
It just wouldn't be a good Twitter tool without a Multiple Twitter Account Management system.  TweetAdder manages your twitter profiles properly.  Tweet Adder even offers an unlimited Twitter Account Package

Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow Users with ease, the system will never allow you to follow the same person twice.  Another nice feature is that you can randomize your time delay which helps limit account suspension occurrences.  TweetAdder allows you to see exactly who you follow, who followed you and exactly what time.  You can also easily tell whether you followed a user first, or if they followed you first. If you followed them first you can also see exactly what keyword search terms were used to find this user.  This helps you to see what targeted keywords convert into followers best, and helps you to use Tweet Adder much more efficiently.

Automated Tweeting Features
Like all the tools in the top 5, you will be able to schedule automated tweets throughout the day randomly.  The Tweet Generator is really cool it will spin your content into multiple tweets, brilliant App but limited results.  RSS Feeds are a requirement for a Twitter AutoTweeting Application, and this app is no exception, It has a fantastic RSS Feed Tweeter.  TweetAdder will also store a link history so you can create new tweets from a past ad campaigns.

Direct Messages, Good for informing your followers of upcoming events, conferences or anything else.  Just be careful with this feature people seem very intolerant of spam from direct messaging, doing this will get your Twitter Account Suspended.  But this is a nice feature and gives you the ability to communicate directly with all your followers at once.

Free Software Update
Lifetime Licence
You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time
Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed
Registration Key Immediately Emailed on Purchase (24/7)
License is good for up to 3 computer installations
No Monthly or Recurring Fees


  1. I love the way you can target via keyword and location using TweetAdder. I guess this would work well with CPA submits.

  2. I like the way TweetAdder can spin your tweets and post them to multiple accounts. Can you do this with any other fo the top 5 tools?

  3. What do you mean by saying that Tweet Adder is against Twitter policy? Are you joking? Many major brands and bloggers use it without any penalty. I suggest you edit this information, so less knowledgeable people are not confused.


  4. Garbage software. Crashes after putting in several accounts; and their support sucks, they never respond accept with automated emails.

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